Sunday, March 25, 2007

A necessary change

Mine is a feast-or-famine job. Sometimes, I can spend weeks at a time working on a major project under deadline pressure. At other times, I can go literally for hours at a time with almost nothing to do but answer the few phone calls that don’t go to the other assistants in this office.

So it’s ironic that I’m actually literally losing sleep over blogging. Even when I’m sitting at my desk with nothing to do but surf the Internet, I send my posts home via e-mail and post them when I get home. I’ve also been waiting until I get home to respond to comments on my own blog and to post on other blogs any comments that I wish to sign with my Blogger name and link (as opposed to the alternative name that I use when commenting from the office). As I said in the linked post, “The result is that not only do I have less time in the evening to do other things, . . . I get several hours less sleep per week than I did when I was temping.”

And since the lack of sleep is beginning to affect my health, I'm going to change my blogging time, as of now. I’ve decided that, since I’ve been extremely careful not to reveal the identity of my employer on my blog, and since I’ve only revealed the identity of my employer to four other bloggers (to the best of my so-called memory), I’m probably not taking too much of a chance by blogging from the office (as discretely as possible). It's fortunate that I've been keeping archives of all my posts in WordI just deleted some extremely remote hints of my employer's identity that might have constituted a clue for an outsider, and, if necessary, I'll delete a few other odds and ends.

There’s another issue involved in my decision. I’ve frequently made myself late to morning minyan because I spent time answering comments or correcting posts. It’s a bit too ironic for my taste that my interest in writing about observance should interfere with my observance.


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